Fragrance Families - Women's Scents

5. Fougere - This family include coumarin, oak moss, lavender and sometimes geranium oil. Pronounced "fooz-hare," fougre' is the French word for fern. This, of course, is an odd term for a fragrance since ferns have no scent at all! Famous fougere fragrances include Baryshnikov by Parlux Fragrances, Cool Water by Davidoff, and Safari by Ralph Lauren.
6. Fruity - Scents in this family include apple, apricot, mandarin,bergamont neroli, passoin fruit, pineapple,and papaya. These perfumes are known to have a clean citrus quality and a soft, peach-like warmth. Famous fruity fragrances include Jess by Jessica McClintock, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and Liz Claiborne by Liz Claiborne.
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