How to Smell Good

There are a number of different methods you can use to make yourself smell good, from perfumes and essential oils to the right combination of laundry detergent and fabric softener. It's important that you spray perfumes and colognes on your pulse points (ie. wrists and neck), and not all over, as too much fragrance added to your body can be overbearing. Step 1: Perfumes - There are literally thousands of perfumes on the market, all work and they
differently with each individual body chemistry. Spend some time testing different fragrances you like to see how they work with your body chemistry. Don't overdo it with perfume, as too much perfume will have the adverse effect, causing your smell to offend, rather than appeal to noses around you. Step 2: Essential Oils - Like perfumes, essential oils are the concentrated
oils from herbs and plants. Essential oils are all natural, and you can add a quick dab throughout the day to your favorite spots for a scent pick-me-up. Do your homework before using essential oils, as some may cause reaction on sensitive skin. Go get your perfumes at Puncak Ixora Creations.