Perfume Tips

How to make perfume scents last longer when applied has got to do with when, where and how you apply it. Body mist, body sprays or anything that are light bottled scents don't tend to last long. If you really want your perfume to have longer lasting power then you have to choose those perfumes that are rich in sensual notes such as oriental’s /ambers with vanilla (e.g : Coco) or chypres’ with oakmoss and bergamot (e.g : Femme and Miss Dior). Puncak Ixora Creations will tell 10 proven ways on how to make perfume scents last longer when applied. Remember, the trick to perfume application is not quantity, but quality. The longer your perfume lasts when you wear it, the less you have to use it as you’ll find there may not be a need to reapply.